How it all began

Werner, our founder, started running a leathergoods manufacture way back in 1976 with 22 years. A few years later he took over his father's chemical business and thus had to give up his engagement in the leather business. Werner first travelled intensively within Spain and later around the world, while organising the export network. Plenty of years to test all kind and brands of travel luggage. read more


We use a high-tech fabric in carbon fibre look in all those places that are particularly prone to abrasion, like the piping and the bottom. This is how we can avoid that otherwise perfect luggage is rendered useless because of a few worn out parts. Most collections are also available in Leather, High-Tech Fabric reinforcements and Nylon combination. Some leather has been substituted by Nylon to make the bags lighter. read more

Exclusive for you

We don't sell through shops, we only sell on-line. And we only sell to friends of our friends, by recommendation. Before any unknown person wants to buy one of our products, he will submit his profile. So we can make sure our products reach a qualified selection of buyers. The owner's name will be custom-engraved on a metal plate along his phone number, the article number and the production series. read more

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Gear Pouch

Medium Packing Cube

Large Packing Cube

Letterpad A4

Laptop Sleeve with Flap 13,3”

Laptop Sleeve with Flap 15,6”

Two handle Large Brief

Flap Medium Brief Nylon

Flap Medium Brief

Flap Large Brief

If you like to own a bag for many years, its design has to be timeless. Technology changes and so the sizes of the gadgets and laptops. This is why removable inner compartments will never render the briefbags outdated.

From the very beginning we set out to design our Collection No.1 to be timeless, practical and long lasting.

I never managed to find a brand that offered bags combining all the properties I was searching for like a pleasing design, timeless elegance, practical solutions for every gadget, high quality, excellent value for money and that exclusive feeling.

Werner Scharlau

Scharlau Chairman